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After my graduation, I moved to New York City and joined Goldman, Sachs & Co. in July of 1995. I first worked in the Credit department, where I had a leading role in the development of a global system to quantify the firm's potential credit exposure to clients that do foreign exchange business with the firm. This systems relies on large-scale Monte-Carlo simulations of future market scenarios and was implemented using C++ and CORBA (Orbix).

In October of 1997, I transferred to Firmwide Risk, the department I currently work for. This department is responsible for risk management at the firmwide level, across all business areas and product lines. I have added a framework for Credit Risk calculations to the Firmwide Risk system. In addition, I have developed a library of C++ classes for pricing of complex derivatives, using Monte-Carlo simulation, for our Currencies & Commodities division.

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In 1993, I founded my own company, to develop and market the product 'Video Backup System' for the Commodore Amiga computer. This product allows users to connect their VCRs to the computer, so that the VCR can serve as a data backup device. For more specific information, please read the Video Backup System page.

Through a network of local distributors, the product has been brought to customers in the UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany and many other countries. It has received praise in numerous reviews that have appeared in leading international Amiga magazines.


While a student, I worked for Sympro B.V., a Dutch software consulting firm, where I participated in the development of an information system for a major European client in the container shipping industry. The project involved equipping each of the client's agents and regional centers with workstations connected by a worldwide client-server network. For these workstations, I designed software which enables users to keep track of container and cargo information and to create Bills of Lading and other shipping documents automatically.