I graduated from Eindhoven University of Technology in April 1995, when I received a Master's degree in computer science. My thesis, which I completed under supervision of Dr. Ir. C. Hemerik and Dr. B.W. Watson, is titled: "From S-Algebras to Template Classes: A Structure Editor with Multiple Views". The work, which contributed to an ongoing research project in the area of structured program editors, involved both theoretical research (algebraic modelling of structure editing) and software development. The software I developed is a general framework for syntax-aware editors, written in C++ for the MS Windows platform. Feel free to download a copy of the software by clicking the icon below. The archive includes the C++ source code and a complete example of a syntax-aware editor with multiple views (the expression in this particular editor can be viewed as a listing, flow diagram and in a so-called context view).

Thesis software zipfile (251,981 bytes)

I explored ways to systematically derive the object-oriented design of this software from the underlying mathematical formulation in terms of S-algebras. Later on, my structure editor has been used as a leading example in a C++ course at Eindhoven University. You can read my thesis on-line in PDF format by clicking on the book below.